Λ M E N is a first-in-kind sustainable high-end design candle brand handmade in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, from natural vegan oil wax. For our inaugural LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION, we partnered with top Yoga Meccas and Gurus around the world to create 7 scents for 7 chakras to help align our chakras for a balanced body, mind and soul.

collab with medicina da consciencia RIO

ABOUT VETIVER ESSENCE: native to  India, the oil  of tranquility, the fragrance of the   soil, vetiver awakens the root chakra, aphrodisiac, calming and balancing, 

ABOUT MEDICINA DE LA CONSCIENCIA RIO DE JANEIRO: Located in Rio's beachfront Leblon neighborhood was co-founded by Dr. Carol Presotto Simrat Kaur, a Medicine-Doctor-turned-Kundalini-Master with a new integrative look at health and healing through Kundalini yoga, meditation, integrative medicine, and holistic therapies. DR. CAROL PRESOTTO [SIMRAT KAUR] quote on #AMENvetiver collab: “ΛMEN is an aquarian story. A collab of lighthouses around the world with no frontiers or landmarks, only one vibration. We know that we are all connected and our actions impact the whole and Amen is  sustainable in its footprints and enlightenment is its statement. Through the senses, we can access the creation’s force and nurture ourselves with its therapeutic properties.Vetiver Candle is the ground to be found, This ancient essence of healing involves you in the lap of mother Earth and in this meditative embrace of peace and tranquility you can blossom you fullest potential and find your light, illuminate us all.”

ABOUT MULADHARA [root chakra]:the word muladhara breaks  down into two sanskrit words: mula meaning “root”  and adhara, which means “support” or “base”. Located at the base of the spine, root  chakra is responsible for your sense of safety and security on this earthly journey.

collab with ra ma institute NYC

ABOUT ROSE ESSENCE: roses contain the power to  open our heart chakra. the strong, sweet scent of a  rose vibrates at 320 hz which is the highest frequency  of all flowers, tuning us in a higher frequency of love

ABOUT RA MA INSTITUTE:With studios in Los Angeles, New York City, and Palma de Mallorca, RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology founded by Guru Jagat, is the mecca for learning the incredible science behind Kundalini, and a haven where locals come to regroup, re-energize and re-focus.

GURU JAGAT [founder of RA MA INSTITUTE] on  #AMENroses collab: “For time immemorial humans have used the light emanating from candles to create sacred space for meditation, gratitude & worship. The  ΛMEN & RA MA rose candle collaboration is created to inspire this depth of beauty in your daily life. The rose is ritualized and revered like no other flowers in history. It quintessentially embodies the feminine, delicate and gentle and yet strong enough to grow in wild nature protected by its sharp thorns. The scent of roses evokes love, purity, grace....they say when you smell rose flowers an angel may be flying near you…” 

ABOUT ANAHATA [heart chakra]:
ANAHATA in sanskrit, means pure. located in the chest, the heart chakra is associated with love, balance and serenity. 
when this chakra is aligned , we can see the world with the  eyes of love.
collab with rasa yoga paris 

ABOUT JAZMIN ESSENCE: Jazmin awakens the third eye chakra, the divine energy  manifested within it’s aroma can lull us into states of heightened spiritual consciousness and trascend to our highest self

ABOUT RASA YOGA PARIS: is unique holistic yoga sanctuary located in a quiet courtyard in the heart of Paris near Notre Dame. Founded by architect-turned-yogi Daniela Schmid, it's a peaceful oasis for daily practice of all levels and styles of yoga from kundalini and vinyasa to yin meditation and sound healing to rebalance the body, nurture the spirit, and to quiet the mind.

DANIELA SCHMID [founder of RASA] on #AMENjazmin collab: “Jasmin is the fragrance of the goddess a divine gift, said to grow on sacred grounds. It’s heavenly fragrance unfolds at night when love is most alive. The beautiful white bud delicately unfolds under the silver light of the waxing moon into a mandala of pure white petals, offering its essence. Its mysterious scent leaving a warm sensual trace behind. Jasmin is nature's sensual symbol of purity, beauty and love, pure love, Shine. The  ΛMEN & RASA jazmin candle collaboration is light for your moments of rest, of dreams, of surrender to beauty or ritual”

ABOUT AJNA [third eye chakra]:
AJNA in hindu tradition, signifies the subconscious mind, while a person's two eyes see the physical world, the third eye is believed to reveal insights about the future. 

through yoga and meditation  gets stronger and connects us to our intuition, foresight and openness.


“amen candles applies spiritual values and consciousness to process of creating a product that consumers can purchase without concerns on their impact” Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion Parsons University.

"AMEN connects us with light following the Instituto E #ASAP philosophy of sustainability. Encounters around a flame relies on the human spiritual archetype of adoring the Sun light. The light of life, the life on the planet. When we humans dominated the fire as capturing the power of life, not only the survival of our specie along the long winters into a new era, its spiritual sense of divinity became implicit in a flame. We humans devote our life in this planet to it, since there we contemplate, we meditate, we pray ... For a Sun God, for a spiritual light, for a flame of life”  Oskar Metsavaht
The creation process of Λ M E N follows the #ASAP sustainability principles (As.Sustainable.As.Possible) guided by Instituto- E, a non-profit organisation based in Brazil that encourages sustainability, with projects including the development of socially and enviromentally friendly materials since its foundation in the 80’s by sustainability pioneer Oskar Metsavaht.

Λ M E N capsule editions are 100% natural vegan wax with no GMO, and the whole chain of creation and production follows the highest sustainability standards:

  • 100% natural vegan wax
  • no GMO vegetable oil
  • no paraffins or toxins*
  • eco-friendly reusable Limoges porcelain jar
  • 100% recyclable packaging and CERO plastic packaging or in the process
  • 100% organic cotton wick
  • partners and supply chain compliant to highest sustainability principles
But being As Sustainable As Possible in the creation process is not enough, beyond Λ M E N has a strong commitment to promoting a paraffin and toxin free* vegan candle making culture. While the big corporations are focusing on economies of scale and paraffin made candles because they enable massive production and longer duration stock management, we prioritize a noble conscious light in the form of small handmade artisan capsule editions. Following the Instituto-e mission: “information is the first step towards achieving sustainable human development” Λ M E N is a conscious sustainable candle brand with a mission to set a new trend in the industry, of a more pure light.
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