“amen candles applies spiritual values and consciousness to process of creating a product that consumers can purchase without concerns on their impact” Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion Parsons University.
"AMEN connects us with light following the Instituto E #ASAP philosophy of sustainability. Encounters around a flame relies on the human spiritual archetype of adoring the Sun light. The light of life, the life on the planet. When we humans dominated the fire as capturing the power of life, not only the survival of our specie along the long winters into a new era, its spiritual sense of divinity became implicit in a flame. We humans devote our life in this planet to it, since there we contemplate, we meditate, we pray ... For a Sun God, for a spiritual light, for a flame of life”  Oskar Metsavaht
The creation process of Λ M E N follows the #ASAP sustainability principles (As.Sustainable.As.Possible) guided by Instituto- E, a non-profit organisation based in Brazil that encourages sustainability, with projects including the development of socially and enviromentally friendly materials since its foundation in the 80’s by sustainability pioneer Oskar Metsavaht.
Λ M E N capsule editions are 100% natural vegan wax with no GMO, and the whole chain of creation and production follows the highest sustainability standards:
100% natural vegan wax
no GMO vegetable oil
no paraffins or toxins*
eco-friendly reusable Limoges porcelain jar
100% recyclable packaging and CERO plastic packaging or in the process
100% organic cotton wick
partners and supply chain compliant to highest sustainability principles
But being As Sustainable As Possible in the creation process is not enough, beyond Λ M E N has a strong commitment to promoting a paraffin and toxin free* vegan candle making culture. While the big corporations are focusing on economies of scale and paraffin made candles because they enable massive production and longer duration stock management, we prioritize a noble conscious light in the form of small handmade artisan capsule editions. Following the Instituto-e mission: “information is the first step towards achieving sustainable human development” Λ M E N is a conscious sustainable candle brand with a mission to set a new trend in the industry, of a more pure light.